Programmatic Advertising Tool - Dashboard

AdUnit Customer Center

Das einfachste Programmatic Advertising Tool

Hier passiert alles an einem Ort. Im Customer Center ist ein Creative Generator integriert. Damit kannst du deine Online-Werbung schnell gestalten und anschliessend zielgruppengenau ausliefern.



Version 3.12.0


  • Booking, hide daytime targeting
  • Creatives, fix issues with campaign end scheduling
  • Messages, use improved api to handle multi lang changes
  • Reporting, Report Builder improvements (excel export,...)
  • Internal, several changes (api refactor, code cleanup, xlabel handling)


  • Creatives, schedule error message
  • Creatives, fix legacy native edit data
  • Booking, fix timeslots runtime check
  • Internal, fix fulscreen layout cors issue


Version 3.11.0


  • Users, use graphql to load user list
  • E-Mails, moved mail texts to translations, added UI for mail setup
  • Creatives, added tiktok preview


  • Customers, fix layout issues with CustomerCard
  • Customers, fix issue with filtering of customer number
  • Lists, fixed several issues with sorting of columns
  • Creatives, fix issues with facebook/instagram previews


Version 3.10.0


  • Creatives, merge creatives context action (html5, static)


  • Customers, show invoice/creditcard flags in CustomerCard view
  • Customers, show list with private templates in CustomerDetails view
  • Customers, sync creditcard flag, expose on api
  • Admin, block users per instance
  • Reporting, add context actions from orders list
  • Reporting, allow immediate sending of report pdf after campaign end
  • Orders, add context actions from reporting list
  • Creatives, seperate components for all native previews, switch from masonry to muuri
  • Internal, cleanup whitelabels list in docker compose files


  • Articles, fix export of empty attachments list
  • Admin, OrgSetup - fix handling of selected org
  • Products, check permissions to show product stack button
  • Creatives, allow same-origin on preview iframe
  • Creatives, filter windows newlines



Version 3.9.0


  • Generators, added Social Generator


  • Booking, directly go to last product step when comming back
  • Customers, use actual geo countries in restriction settings
  • Products, added activation flag to xandr setups
  • Orders, show push details after campaign end
  • Messages, activate menu entry, several ui improvements
  • Lists, sort selected items on top


  • Booking, better error reporting for payment method issues
  • Display Generator, apply correct format restrictions
  • Reporting, better threesixty api error handling


Version 3.8.0


  • Reporting, added instant report email option
  • Booking, runtime validation checks for missing days in timeslots
  • Admin, added login logo to org setup