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Your campaign, your product

Build your own product from various different attributes. Not sure what’s right for you? We can advise you.

Choose a pre-existing product or create your own.

You can put together your ideal product yourself from a vast selection of individual, easy-to-combine attributes. And when it comes to setting up your next campaign, your choices are just a click away.

  • Attributes such as ad type, marketing objective, open market or private market.
  • Geographical targeting (hyperlocal or by post code, districts, cantons, economic territory, etc.)
  • Flexible configuration
  • Save and reuse various products
  • Clear overview of all products
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Ad type

What type of ad do you want? Display, native or video. You can create display banners and native ads directly using the Creative Generator.

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What is the objective of your campaign? Reach (ad impressions), clicks (traffic) or conversions (action).

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Where will your campaign appear? OMP (Open Marketplace), PMP (Private Marketplace) or in a clearly defined context (Environment).

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If you choose Environment, you can also choose between the verticals Premium (highest possible quality) and .ch sites (Swiss sites only).

Kontakt und Beratung

Jetzt mit dem einfachsten Programmatic Advertising Tool durchstarten. Fordere eine kostenlose und individuelle Expertenberatung an oder kontaktiere uns, wenn du spezifische Fragen zu unseren Services hast. Wir helfen dir gerne weiter!

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